School Council

We meet regularly and are working towards improving our playtime activities and resources.


Pupil Survey Responses

We are very proud of our new school uniforms. Everyone looks extremely smart.

We are looking forward to learning in our new classrooms.

"I am proud of the spaceship I made with the bricks because it was big and I made it with my friend Rafe.”

“I am proud of the activities I learnt about at the Look Out Centre because I loved learning about inside your body.”

“I enjoy learning about numbers and adding up”

“I am most proud of my writing about a castle because I thought I did it well.”

“I am most proud of my moving bear because it moves and I made it all by myself”
“I have been swimming and to ballet twice this week to be healthy.”

“We have raised money to help other people.”

“I enjoy learning to write like a grown up.”

“I am proud to be able to read because I can learn about things.“

What things make you feel happy at school?

“Eco day.”
“Learning new songs in assembly”
“The teachers”
“Doing hard sums.”
“Chatting with my friends.”
“Nature gardens to make the school look pretty.”

What do you think we have done in this school to help other people?

“Be kind.”
“I did a sponsored walk to raise money for a hospital.”
“Raised money for Haiti when they had the earthquake.”
“Mufti day, you had to bring in a pound
“We did cards for the elderly people at Easter.”

What have you done this week to help someone?

“Helping them if they can’t read”
“Played with people when no-one wants to play with them.”
“The washing up”
“Weeded the garden with mummy. We’ve nearly finished!”
“I have painted the fence and taken the washing down with my next door neighbour.”

Why do you think it is important to work hard at school?

“So you learn!”
“Because the teachers will say, “Start again!”
“So we can do work for money.”
“So you get it right.”
“So the teachers say it’s good.”
“Because then we won’t know anything.”
“So you are good on your exams and learn more.”
“To get a good education”
“Because you know all the stuff when you get older.”
“So you can be clever in the future,”
“If you don’t you won’t be successful in the future.”
“Because when you are older you can get a good job”
“To get clever when I am older.”

“So I can be a proper grown up!”

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I always feel very welcome and involved in the school. They notice Sam - as an individual - and I get lots of ongoing feedback from the staff - it's not just saved for parents evening"
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